Dienstag, 6. Februar 2007

Ingrids Gedicht

Ingrid (links) ueberreicht Iðunn bei der Abschlussveranstaltung des Youth Career Mentoring Programs ein Geschenk

Heute moechte ich das Gedicht vorstellen, das Ingrid fuer mein Willkommensfest im Africa Mentoring Institute geschrieben hat. Sie ist Schuelerin und hat im Rahmen des Kurses ihr Talent zum Dichten entdeckt.


It's like a puff of smoke,
appears at a certain moment but is gone the next.
It's like a beautiful sunny day, sent just for you to enjoy!
Life is the next day,
everyone hopes for it.

It's like the stars in the sky,
we all want to live as long as them.
But we all have rainy days,
the times when we are down,
all gloomy and filled with despair.

But we still hope to have better days,
and a better life.
Whatever the circumstances,
we all want life.
It's the one you and I treasure, no one wishes to be denied life.

We all have one chance to life,
to live right is to live best.
We all have the chance but in the end we lose it.
Treasure life while you still have it.